Teacher Appreciation Week | Teacher Special | Special Note

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and teachers to me are so special. Some of you may not know but prior to going full-time in my photography business, I worked at a high school for 3 years! I LOVED my time working in the school system. I worked at the same school I attended (not too long ago!) Walking through the doors and working along side teachers that I had when I went to school was a little intimidating. I felt like I had to prove myself and show them that I was going to make a difference and do my job well. I was filled with so many emotions as I began working. 

My first year working at Boyd County High School was filled with joy, stress, laughter and tears. It was challenging and rewarding. At times I didn’t know if I could do it; if I could teach my students or make a difference in their lives. I second-guessed myself and didn’t know if was capable of doing my job. At the end of my first year, looking back, I knew that despite the struggles, I did a good job and helped the students I worked with. 

The next 2 years were wonderful, but working full time at a school and running a business full-time was stressful. I was working 14 + hours a day, 7 days a week. I was mentally and physically exhausted. I would often times sit and cry because I didn’t know how I could manage working at the school and all of the sessions and weddings that I photographed and edited. I somehow made it work, but last July (2015) I decided to take the leap to pursue photography full-time. That has been the best decision for me and my husband! I have been able to focus my attention on being the best I can be for my clients, because my clients deserve the best!

I do miss teaching regularly. I do miss the students. Many of the seniors who are graduating this year I had when they were freshmen. I have missed getting to be there their senior year of high school. I do still substitute teach a few times a week, but mainly at an elementary school, which originally was intimidating since I was used to a high school, but  I LOVE the elementary kids. 

Working in the school system has helped make me the person I am today. I love teaching and plan to continue to teach one day. I plan on teaching workshops and mentor others in photography. Teaching wasn’t something I intended on doing when I went to college and even when I graduated from college. It is something I feel God led me to, and for that I am forever grateful.

Since this week is Teacher Appreciation Week, I am giving any bride or groom that books their wedding with me this week that is a teacher 5% off of their wedding package. I will also give any teacher that books any full portrait session (family, maternity, etc) with me this week $50 off their session. The retainer fee must also me paid when booking to hold their spot, but the session can be actually scheduled for any time the rest of 2016! :) 

Thank you to all of the amazing teachers out there! You all are SO wonderful and deserve SO much! You definitely do not get the praise you deserve, but know you are SO valued and SO loved and SO important! 

Here are a few photos of seniors that I have had the honor of getting to photograph! Some of these seniors I have watched grow since they were freshman in high school! I love that my job keeps me connected with students I have worked with at the high school I worked at! I also say that all of these student's teachers have done a fabulous job teaching these seniors because they are all so great and have a bright future ahead of them <3