Chase + Laura Wedding | Ashland, Kentucky

This wedding was super special to me because Chase is my cousin, and I already thought of Laura as a member of my family as well! Chase and Laura began dating when they were in 8th grade, almost 10 years ago! Laura remembers being so nervous as she sat on the school bleachers and Chase came over to talk to her. Little did they know that almost 10 years from that moment, they would be married.

These two were high school sweethearts who went on to attend the same college. Through hardships and victories, their love only grew! They worked hard and grew closer as a team and as partners, until one day Chase FINALLY popped the question!

What inspires me about Chase and Laura's love story is how in love they are after so many years. On their wedding day, excited nerves filled the air and as Chase watched Laura walk down the aisle of the church to become his wife, he could not help but cry at Laura's beauty and from all of the adventures that lead up to this one moment. Their wedding was awe-inspiring and such a beautiful display of true love. Thank you Chase and Laura for not only inspiring me, but others in what true love looks like! xoxo

Here is a highlight of some of my favorite images from their August 2015 wedding <3