Allison + Zach Engagement | The Arboretum | Lexington, KY

This couple. They are SO amazing! Zach proposed to Allison last year after they went sky diving! Once they both landed safely, Zach had a sign that said, "Since we just jumped 10,000 feet and survived, I have to ask you, will you be my bride?" Of course Allison said YES! That was such an adventurous and sweet way to propose! 

Allison and Zach's engagement session took place at The Arboretum in Lexington, KY and we also took a few shots at Gratz Park while the rain trickled down. Not only did they rock their engagement session, but they braved rain at the end of their session! Their session was all laughs and smiles, oh and THE TREES! The trees were SO beautiful! I wish I could photograph at The Arboretum all the time! 

I am so excited for this couple's 2017 wedding! I know their wedding will be amazing because THEY are amazing! xoxo